10 Actionable Tips to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

Tips to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

In the age of the technological generation with constant digital improvement, it is important to understand the transformational process we face in order to achieve a higher audience for our website. SEO ranking allows people to find their answers and to connect them with the needed websites. Therefore, SEO ranking position is crucial nowadays and helps you to achieve the organic traffic of viewers for your page. We are going to have a look at the 10 tips we have provided to improve your SEO ranking position. These on-page tips are easy to implement and will definitely help you to raise your website visitors by accomplishing a better SEO ranking.

1. Optimize the headlines

Your headlines will play an important role to create the first expression of your customers. The name of your post should look appealing and arouse the viewers’ interest. Use a bigger font for your headlines and keywords to concentrate the attention on the main information. Besides, the keywords from your headlines will appear through the Google search algorithm which will lead viewers to your website.

2. Use needed keywords


Keywords are important for your webpage SEO optimization. If you want to be ranked, you have to include the targeted and the main keywords in your text. It would be great if you add the keywords into the title and the URL address. In addition, for Google to rank your website, the first 100 words of your text have to contain keywords as well. Using your keywords, search engines will match your website with your targeted audience.

3. Visualized image is important

Make sure that your webpage looks attractive to your customers and contains images. It is easier to read an article which includes images, rather than just a plain long text which doesn’t comprise any visual picture. Images have to be related to the topic of your post. You can also make an infographic image with helpful and instructive information which is related to your post.

4. Constantly update your posts

No one will put attention on your webpage if you just have created 1-2 posts. Updating your webpage with new information will catch potential customers’ eyes. For this, you have to create your posts in advance, and frequently update them into your website. Remember that your content has to be relevant and trustworthy.

5. Include the contact information

Customers have to have easy access to your contact information (address, email, telephone number) on your website. In addition to that, include all the social media profiles you use for your business, like your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. When people are interested in your product/service, they tend to check other digital platforms to have a wider understanding. Also create an online “contact us” form on the page, so people can easily reach you from the webpage itself.

6. Mobile-friendly website


Nowadays generation is spending a lot of time on their mobile phones. Therefore, to search for the needed information people are using mobile devices. Your website has to be attractive not only from the wider screen of a laptop, but also it has to be well organized and optimized for mobile phones. The SEO ranking is targeting websites which are improved and modified for all kind of devices.

7. Concrete and optimized URLs

By adding your keywords into the URL address of the webpage, you will have a better chance for SEO ranking. Your URL has to be concrete, clear and understandable. It is better to do not include the confusing information and lots of numbers. For example, earnado.com/7689403_idg50 looks confusing, while earnado.com/seo-ranking is looking more appealing and easily readable.

8. Improve your page loading speed

Google’s one of the most important SEO ranking factors is the page loading speed. To develop a better user experience on your website and to allow them to surf easily through your articles, the speed has to be high and fast. If there is a technical issue that makes your website slower, Google search engines will just remove your page from the main results.

9. Use video content


We should affirm that SEO is not only about the textual content. Search engines also appertain to the video content. According to the research, online video marketing will create up to 80% of online traffic by 2021. Nowadays more and more people are searching for videos to answer their questions. Users might prefer to watch a 1-minute video rather than reading a long article. By having video content, you will attract even more viewers to your website.

10. Social shares and signals

The more your content is shared through various social media platforms, the better for you to achieve a higher ranking by Google and to gain more visitors. Encourage your employees to add the link of your website into their social media profiles. Since your page is going to be shared, it will look more reliable, will create a web advertisement and brand awareness. Because of that, your SEO ranking position will improve and appear more all over the internet.


Today, we have explained easily implementable on-site 10 Actionable Tips to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website. By following these tips, your website will achieve a better ranking position for Google engines, will be more attractive for future clients, and will spread social awareness. In any case, our Earnado team is here for you to provide further assistance and answer all your questions!