10 Best Facebook Ad Examples

10 Best Facebook Ad Examples

According to the statistics, Facebook has achieved 2.45 billion active users at the beginning of 2020. Therefore, Facebook is a great and powerful platform for businesses to achieve their targeted audience and to drive sales for their business. Facebook Ads became one of the most effective and significant ways to advertise your product and services. You can also consider different Facebook Ad Templates which will give you an idea for your advertisement campaign.

In this post, we are going to have a look at successful and creative Facebook Ads, will analyze what practices are effective, and what factors are needed to be taken into consideration.

What is a Facebook ad?

Facebook Ads are the paid way to advertise your product/services on Facebook which allows you to implement social media targeting in the best possible way to reach your desired customers and increase your sales.

How do I create a successful Facebook ad?


There is a vast amount of factors you have to consider in order to create a successful Facebook Ad. It is a rigorous process that takes time, requires creativity, and understanding of your targeted audience. To do so, your Facebook Ad has to be unique and exceptional, customized and relevant for your business, optimized for mobile devices and has to consist a call-to-action.

There are some essential components exist which have to be implemented in your Facebook Ads.

  • Headlines

The purpose of a headline is to catch customers’ attention. With an outstanding and unique headline, your customers will have no choice but to click on it. The average length of your headline has to be 5 words. It should be expressive, clear and catchy.

  • Attractive Images

Facebook algorithms tend to favor visual content over any written one. In order to attract your customers, you need to use visually appealing high-quality images which are matching with your content. By using powerful and memorable images, you can bring diverse feelings to your customers. In addition to that, you can use illustrations, collages, or iconographic images.

  • Engaging and Relevant Content

Your Facebook Ads have to include engaging and relevant content. It has to be a strong meaning behind your picture, headline, and description. It is needed to understand your perfect customer personas and make your content relevant according to their interests. You will have an option by Facebook regarding your “Engagement” campaign.


Post engagement will contribute to get more likes, shares, and comments on your post. Page Likes will help to achieve more followers. Event Responses are related to the event you are promoting.

  • Value proposition

Your value proposition has to tell customers why they have to choose your product/service. It has to be trustworthy and believable. Adding any offered discount or mentioning any social proof will definitely be a good supportive material. Those things will attract and push customers closer to your offer.

How effective are Facebook Ads?

We all know that an enormous amount of people uses Facebook nowadays. There are billions of users who check their pages multiple times a day. Let’s have a look at some numbers which will help us to understand the social impact Facebook has.


  • It is cost-effective

It is worth investing in Facebook Ads since you will reach your customers immediately in a real-time. In addition, it is a fast way to obtain customers’ attention. You will also have a choice to make some adjustments to your marketing campaign any time you want.

  • It is budget-friendly

Facebook Ads are one of the cheapest types of advertisements. Rather than spending a lot on the traditional advertisement (TV commercials, radio, billboards), you can spend way less and reach the exact targeted audience.

  • It increases your website traffic

Since you are going to promote your business on Facebook, it will be reachable for people and will grow a website’s traffic.

  • It is easy to target your audience

You will have various precise targeting options to choose from. You can make retargeting or attract new customers from a specific demographic area. It is possible to distinguish your targeted audience based on their age, gender, location, interests, and purchase behavior.

  • It creates a brand awareness

Facebook Ads will create or increase your brand awareness. If you don’t have a strong brand name yet, it is a perfect option for you to get started. People will be aware of what offers you are providing. The moment people get to know your brand, the provided product/services, they will be more likely to purchase from you.

  • It is measurable

You can easily see and measure the results. By installing “Facebook Ads Pixel’ for your business profile, you will be able to trace a website’s activity. Numbers will show you everything: how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you were able to achieve.

  • It creates engagement with your customers

The engagement is achieved with customers’ shares, likes, comments, and interactions through your Facebook Ads. Engagement is crucial because it indicates a stronger connection with your target customers. The more people engage with your brand, the more powerful and lasting relationship you will achieve with them. This means that they will be willing to convert and spread social signals.

  • It helps to increase your SEO ranking position

Facebook Ads will help you to achieve a better SEO ranking position through social signals spread by your customers. Since users will be actively engaged and generate immediate traffic, it will have a direct impact on your SEO position.

To get an idea about SEO, check the following article: 10 Actionable Tips to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

Facebook Ad Templates


You can find various Facebook Ad Templates, which will help you to understand the whole concept and create an ultimate strategy. Regardless of what template will you select for your promotion, you always have to remember that it has to be unique, attractive and engaging.

  • Photo Ad Template

This is one of the most popular and used ways of Facebook Ads. You have to use a lot of creativity to make your Photo Ad astonishing and mesmerizing. You are free to use stock pictures with made optimizations related to the core of your product/service. Various illustrations, graphs, and photographs can be used, but the overall composition has to create a strong value proposition and be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Video Ad Template

Video content is expecting to generate up to 80% by 2021. It is worth to consider to implement this ad template to increase CTR, popularity and brand awareness. Video Ad Templates will allow you to build a stronger and deeper connection with your targeted audience. Besides, by using a video content you can create an entire memorable story and connect it to your business

  • Carousel Ad Template (or Multi-Product Ad Template)

People prefer to see more options in the ad at ones. By using a carousel ad, you will give a chance for customers to examine the different variation of provided offers. It will also generate a higher CTR compared to other options. Carousel Ads can demonstrate up to 10 products/offers which makes sense that at least one of your offers will be remembered.

  • Special Offer Ad Template


This type of Facebook Ad contains a promotion or discounted offer available for your customers. This strategy works and helps to increase your sales. You can include important information like the time period, a percentage in discount, the number of people who have already used your product/service, the exact number of offers. All these factors will push your customers towards your business. Buzzwords such as “Free”, “Save up to”, “Limited Time”, “Join Us Today”, “Special Offer” also play an important role.

Facebook Ad Examples

1. AirAsia


In this Facebook Ad, AirAsia uses simplicity in visuals which are by contrast play a great role. The red background is worthy of attention, and contrast with big white and short letters are catchy. The magic phrase as “Free seats” has a powerful call-to-action together with a limited time offer.

2. Simba


This is an example of a carousel Facebook Ad. Simba uses the emotional description and pleasant image. Prints and variations of blue colors dangle attention, and the happy smiling couple creates a positive sentiment. Other cards from this carousel depict the product features or a consumer benefit of getting the product. “Shop now” button creates a signal for visiting the main website.

3. Nike


Nike is another example of a carousel Facebook Ad. The colorful background creates an appealing contrast with the written text. It drives customers’ attention and makes them stop scrolling the page. The range of customized products has an engaging purpose. Concise description with the direct website link tells you that your final product will be “the best of Nike”.

4. Dapulse


Dapulse is playing with contrast images and shows “before” and “after” results. The title is corresponding to the provided image and proves that “it is better when it’s visual” which in this way creates credence. Special offer as “Start your free trial” concentrates attention and makes customers want to try it out.

5. Moo.com


Fairy, hot, captivating. The headline is demonstrating the exact offered product. Stylish red background together with red hot chili peppers creates a catchy and unique combination that drags attention. The description part underlines and creates sense together with the image. The value proposition distinguishes this product of being “different”, and “not the average” one.

6. Slack


This Facebook Ad immediately gets your attention first by its image. Funny, colorful and exceptional visuals were done by Slack. The hybrid image which combines illustrations with a photograph makes a dreamlike state of mind.

The headline is suitable for the text on the image. The happy image is corresponding with the text, which makes sense of being happy by making your “work better”.

7. Lyft


Lyft has a powerful and attractive offer provided to customers. The “Limited Time” phrase shows its urgency and inspires customers to take immediate actions. It displays that it is possible to earn “Guaranteed” money in your free time.

The image is simple and has minimalist graphical design, but colors are matching. It also catches customers’ attention through the high-contrast textual content. This Facebook Ad proves that the image might look uncomplicated but stay powerful at the same time.

8. HelloFresh


HelloFresh used an interesting model of interaction of their customers by including “emoji reaction”. This actually keeps customers engaging in the process of selecting the most preferable meal and to share their opinion. This Facebook Ad will be remembered since it concentrates on customers’ emotions.

Facebook algorithms favor user engagement, and this ad will have a positive impact on this company by increasing in numbers for their organic reach and impressions.

9. CoPromote


CoPromote uses an eye-catching image that sparkles attention, curiosity and contains humor. It shows differences but emphasizes unity. There is call-to-action shown in this Facebook Ad as “Join today”. The special offer is mentioned as “reach new audiences for free”. All together these points are encouraging you to visit the particular ad.

10. OptinMonster


OptinMonster uses a graph as a result of its successful business activity. It is shown that by using this platform, the results are going to be changed significantly by scaling up. The description is first depicting the problem of “losing customers” and then provides a transformational result of “convert abandoning website visitors” which creates an irresistible value proposition.

There is numerical evidence mentioned for OptinMonster to be the number one in their sector. In addition, “300,000 websites” is a credible and reliable number that creates trust for the customers.


In this article, we have discovered 10 Best Facebook Ad Examples and analyzed their successful strategy. We decomposed different Facebook Ad Templates which are useful to implement for your business. Besides, we have provided the information on what steps are needed to be done for a successful Facebook Ad.

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