10 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

10 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

Can you imagine how many individuals are using internet right now? The current world’s population is 7.8 billion and the amount of individuals who are using internet is almost 4 billion. In other words, as we can see nearly the half of the population is using internet and this increases the competition for the online traffic and makes it very hard. Businesses aim to win this competition through getting more attention by the potential customers to visit their websites. Therefore, one of the best ways to increase this traffic is by applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools.

In this article, we will provide you 10 Best Free SEO Tools. Also, we prefered to put them into five catogories to find what is more suitable for your company’s goals easily

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of getting the quality and quantity of website traffic increased by organic (unpaid) search engine result.

Benefits of SEO

Applying SEO tools to your website is useful in number of distinctive ways. Here we’ve listed a number of the most effective benefits below.

  • SEO increases traffic to your website; people are looking for the solutions of the problems you provided. Search engines are the best for that and is interested in what you have.
  • SEO decreases the cost; this is a great benefit for you because SEO offers you a “free “service. Maybe the only cost can be hiring a SEO firm unless you have an experience in it.
  • SEO makes you a Trustable website, if you appear in high rank on search engines people will trust and click on your website.
  • Unpaid High Ranking through SEO, people may believe if I want to rank I have to pay for Advertisements. However, the truth is with SEO if you use the right tools and techniques you will rank and get high website traffic.

Here are the five categories and SEO tools:

  • Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Mobile SEO

All the details are explained below.


These are the best websites that you can you use to track and analyse your data about web traffic

  1. Search Console


This is Google Search Console; it is used to track the crawling and ranking that google does for your website. In addition, it is the most effective place for that purpose.

Website’s link: Search Console

  1. Bing Webmaster

If you need to see and evaluate your website’s performance, this is the right place. Also, it is great in keyword research.

Website’s link: Bing Webmaster

  1. Google Analytics

For sure, this one is the most commonly used by all the business. Because it has many functions. You can use it to see what your customer‘s needs and how can you fit them. Moreover, it makes you understand better your bussiness by giving numbers and grafics

Website’s link: Google Analytics

Keyword Research

Here are tools you can use to see what words people frequently use

  1. Answer The Public


A very useful tool to help you to find the best keywords you can ever find. It visualizes the search and suggests auto searches in a cloud as you can see in the picture.

Website’s link: Answer The Public

  1. Keyword Planner


Google is the owner of this website. It delivers several of information for keyword search. It is very useful due to the using of google’s own data.

Website’s link: Keyword Planner

Rank Tracking

This tool plays very important role in your website’s success

  1. Traffic Travis

You can easily download it on your computer and start to track your ranking in the search engine.

Website’s link: Traffic Travis

  1. Tiny Rocket Lab


It is good tool for track up to 10 keywords free. If you like it, you can start your trail after using it 30 days freely. However, it’s graph shows the keyword rankings very well.

Website’s link: Tiny Rocket Lab

Link Building

 This also known as Backlink and it uses to increase and improve the websites visibility on the search engines  

  1. Google My Business


You can use this website also high rank, even though link building can be hard but worth it.

Website’s link: Google My Business

  1. BuzzStream


I find this one very useful because it make a great connection between the influencers and business owners. Adding to that, it gives you contact details, social profiles and many information. However, it works with free trail.

Website’s link: BuzzStream

Mobile SEO

Tool to see how your website works on mobiles

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test


If the website works in the computer well does not mean it works on the mobile properly. So here is a website completely free and very easy to use. All you have to do is to paste the URL link of your website and see the result.

Website’s link: Mobile-Friendly Test

In this article, we tried to explain 10 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using Right Now. We hope it has been useful to you. You can also direct your questions and help others to find also the answers to those questions by creating an effective discussion platform. We will inform you more in Earnado. Stay tuned!