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Ads Management

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Ads management

Earnado’s data-driven approach helps you reach your target audience and get the best results.

Search Engine Ads

We manage your search engine ads on different platforms by using keywords.

Social Media Ads

We manage your social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Data-driven ad management

The Earnado algorithm integrates analytical tools with digital marketing platforms to increase your conversion rates.


We integrate Google Analytics and ad accounts for better results.


We optimize ads, networks, and messages to increase the likelihood of the realization of desired actions.


4 Reasons to choose Earnado for Ads Management


The Earnado algorithm identifies best-performing ads, keywords, and networks by integrating Google Analytics with ad platforms.

Competitor Analysis

The Earnado algorithm analyzes your industry and competitors to give you a competitive advantage.


Earnado manages your ad platforms in line with your goals.


The Earnado algorithms test your messages, ads, and networks regularly in order to improve your performance.

How does Earnado operate?

The Earnado algorithm creates the essential tasks to manage and optimize your ads by analyzing your data and audience’s behavior.

We create and publish ads depending on your goals and the policies of ad platforms.

Your ad spending is not included in the service fee you pay Earnado. You make the payment directly to ads platform. Earnado will manage your budget efficiently at no additional cost.


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