Growth Business: Improve your business with digital marketing?

Become Earnie

Are you ready for a system where you can learn and practice digital marketing and finally make money?

Social Media

You can take social media related trainings for free and manage social media accounts of real companies by passing exams in social media category.


You can learn seo for free by passing exams in search engine optimization category, you can even earn money by doing seo for real companies.

Advertising Management

You can apply immediately to start a program where you can learn and apply internet advertising and its channels such as Google and Facebook correctly.


We have a system in Earnado where you can build your own start-up. After learning and practicing digital marketing, you can develop your idea with the support of Earnado.

You want to learn all about digital marketing?

How to become an employee ?
Our most important desire is to be eager to learn to be an Earnie. At the same time, you have to work in a disciplined way and strive to improve yourself. To become an Earnie, you have to fill out the form by clicking on "Become Earnie".
What will I learn ?
Earnado is a fantastic start-up, you will first learn how a start-up grows and develops. You will get the best training in Turkey, in many categories in digital. You'll also learn great things about sales and business development, and you'll have the opportunity to apply them all.
What does Earnie do ?
It's not easy being an Earnie, you have to make an effort. The average Earnie works 5 hours a week. Successful Earnies can go up to 5 hours a day. Your desire to develop yourself and your desire to work is decisive here.
How do companies grow their business ?
Companies perform digital marketing activities within Earnado. They just fill out the form. As a result of the form, the Earnies perform digital marketing activities such as  seo, advertising management, social media management and content production.
How does the system work ?
Within Earnado, companies start their marketing processes by choosing the most suitable road maps for them. In line with these roadmaps, people we call "Earnie" earn money by learning and practicing.
Who is Earnie ?
The people we call Earnie have the opportunity to learn, practice and earn money through the Earnado platform by choosing the area they want to learn. As they practice on this gamified platform, they gain titles, work as project leaders and mentors, earn money and develop their careers.