Google Ads Bidding and Pricing Tips For Small Business

Google Ads Bidding and Pricing Tips For Small Business

If we want to achieve success with Google Ads, we must first determine a correct strategy. In addition, we should organize our work to realize this strategy. Choosing the right Google Ads bidding type and implementing a solid strategy for adjusting bids is critical to driving your ad costs down. Let’s start by learning about Google Ads.


Google AdWords is one of the first advertising choices of many companies, thanks to its measurability and its ability to be paid only for clicks, which makes it easier to reach users looking for your business’s products or services.


Google ads serve all small, medium and large enterprises. When you are included in this system, you can specifically target them and show your ads by determining the searches that your target audience can make, the websites they can find on the page visit, the categories and topics.


When all businesses advertise, they want to be in the top position, that is, in the 1st place. However, the order in which your ad will be published is determined in direct proportion to your ad price and quality score. Your Cost Per Click (CPC) bid is an important factor in influencing your rankings. Higher CPC will help you to be in the upper ranks compared to your competitors. When advertising with Google Ads, having a low quality score will make it difficult for you to rise to the top. That’s why you should keep your quality score and maximum CPC higher than your competitors.

Bidding And Pricing Tips For Your Google Ads Strategy

Price per bid management is the hardest part of the PPC (Pay per Click) process to organize and track. Considering that they will not be able to dominate this process, business owners choose the automatic pricing option of Google Ads or receive this support from a different agency. Although Google Ads provides this service for free, it requires you to give up process controls. Agencies realize this service for a certain price. The agency option may not be suitable for businesses with limited budgets.

Now we know something about Google Ads and pricing. But what is the best strategy for our business? Before we determine the strategy that will benefit us the most, let’s take a look at the tips below.



Tips #1: Find out all about the bidding tool you will use

If you are going to use any PPC bid management tool, have to learn everything you can about that tool. How does this tool really work? What are its strengths? What are its advantages or disadvantages? You must be sure that the tool you will use will contribute to the operating performance and meet your needs. Apart from that, the bidding tool you choose should be able to make the right decisions even when you can not deal with your ads.

Tips #2: Adjust pricing tool according to your strategy

When you organize an advertising campaign for your business, you will have different goals until this process is completed. Sometimes you want to increase your impression counts, and sometimes you may want to increase your interaction counts. To achieve these goals, you are going to need new strategies. As your needs change, the pricing tool you use for your strategy should adapt to that. You have to determine your key performance indicators and take action by considering them. However, making changes to your ad campaign too often, changing or pausing bidding adjustments can have negative effects. You can conclude your advertising campaign successfully by making the right moves at the right time in line with your goals.

Tips #3: Make your changes based on past data!

Advertisers often make pricing changes without fully understanding or assuming that they understand the PPC processes. In such cases, analyzing the data will result in much more accurate decisions. Correct bidding changes can be made based on indicators that matter to you, such as keywords, ad groups and quality score. By examining the data obtained as a result of your past studies, it will guide you in what kind of consequences that you raise or lower your price offer.



Tips #4: Don’t focus on a metric that insignificant for you

If you think you have a good strategy and do the right thing but don’t still seem successful, you may be focusing on the wrong metrics. This is often because of your marketer is showing you the wrong metrics. Since you don’t know how the process works, it would be better to focus on the most popular metrics. Nevertheless, every business has different expectations from the advertising campaigns it runs. Following goal-oriented metrics to see if they meet these expectations will give you more accurate results.

When you get help from Google Ads’ automation settings to organize your business ads, the algorithm will analyze millions of data and show the results of the most important metrics for you. On the other hand, it is normal for the algorithm not to show you metrics that it considers insignificant to you. If you want to maintain your ad position and improve and analyze your campaign with the help of automation, you can use the scripts and campaigns Google has prepared for you.

Tips #5: Set bidding automation rules to make your life easy

Advertisers take care to analyze through Google Ads, to change their price offers and to examine the relevant metrics. This seems like a path to success. But in order to do all these, you need to spend most of your day in the Google Ads panel. If you devote all of your time to this, it will be difficult for you to deal with other processes. Therefore, in such cases, you may prefer to use the automation tools of Google Ads packages. Using Rules on Google Ads, you can set up notifications, pause campaigns, and adjust bids without ever touching them yourself.




As a business, using Google Ads is an effective way for your potential customers to find you when they search. You should create a good PPC strategy so that the metrics you set in line with your business goals show positive results. Thanks to the keywords we use, we can customize our advertising campaign by analyzing the demographic information of the people who find us and make it more goal-oriented. Unless we can analyze the data obtained from the panel correctly, we may not manage our strategy correctly. As a result of advertising efforts made in line with a bad strategy, your business may not only lose money but also reputation. The cost per click approach is adopted in the Google Ads ads created and each unnecessary click will cause you to lose money.

Each business has its own goals and different methods to reach potential customers. Using the tips above, you can determine the right bidding and pricing strategy to help your business achieve its goals.


A PPC advertising campaign run with the right strategy can greatly profit your business. I hope you can benefit your business and yourself by getting the right strategy thanks to the tips in our article.

Contact our Earnado team and we will help you to create the most successful Google Ad campaign for your business!

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