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Google SERP Features And The Way Google Decides SERP Rankings

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Google SERP Features And The Way Google Decides SERP Rankings

When you wonder about anything I think, the first thing comes to your mind is to ask Google! According to Google Search Statistics, it process right now over 3.4 billion searches per day. In other words, Google is very critical for many people around the world. However, have you ever wondered how google decides on search results? In this article, I will be explaining Google SERP Features and the way it decides the rankings. In addition, if you want to increase the traffic on your website I recommend you to read What Is Search Engine Marketing.

What is Google SERP?

Search Engine Results Pages or SERP meaning is Google’s results to any user’s query. These include organic results, paid Ads results, video etc. In other words, when you type anything in google what comes up are SERPS.

What is SERP Feature?

A SERP Feature is a listing on a Search Engine Results Page that is not a standard organic result. These features are made to make the experience of searching easier and better by giving relevant and detailed information in a unique way.

Importance of SERP Feature

SERP Feature is important for any website to rank high in the first page. Here is an equation, the higher website ranking the more clicks (visitors) you can get. You can increase it by using relevant keywords and good descriptions.

Organic SERP Features

There are variety of amazing features out there and Google is always improving in them to be more accurate, relevant and helpful. Here are some of Organic SERP Features:

  1. Rich Answer

These features can also be called quick answers. These are often displayed in SERPs for simple questions like, “What time is it in Turkey?”

Here is an example picture of Rich answer.Googleserp

  1. Knowledge Card

This card works similar to the rich answer but the data makes the difference. For instance, if you search for a “Turkey’s population” the knowledge card appears like in the picture


  1. Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is displayed above the organic result or in the right-hand sidebar. This includes photos, information, and related search topics. This feature is often shown for searches like people, places or topics. Google itself use the data, maps or any photos you uploaded in your website to create knowledge Graph. If you search about “United States”, you will see this


  1. Knowledge Panel

This feature is so similar to Knowledge Graph except Google only give information from Google Maps and My Business listings. That is way you can see brands, businesses and organizations more often.

The information that knowledge Panel provide is like Social media, links and related search results. When you search for Amazon, you can see something like this.


  1. Image Packs

This SERP feature can be seen when the search is about any image. There here an example for “Eating Burger”


  1. Videos

When you search for a video Google will display there YouTube videos. For instance, when you search for “how to make YouTube videos?” here is the result.


  1. Vertical Search

Vertical Search appears on the top of the page. Google use it to pull information like locations or topics. If you are a tourist and want to travel to Georgia let’s say. If you type “Things to do in Georgia” here is what comes up.


  1. Twitter

Twitter SERP feature may work as YouTube as a carousel of the most recent three tweets from a twitter account. This may include images and links. If you search for “Donald Trump Twitter” here is what you will see.


  1. Numbered List Featured Snippets

This feature is so useful for me because it list to me the instructions in simple steps. If the search is about “How to be a chef “you can learn the steps right away.Googleserp

Paid Google SERP Features

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads create these and any business can use them to target the audience by using specific keywords. The difference between them and normal listing is that they have “ad” badge before the URL.

  1. Google shopping

This feature is related about products. Google list the image, price and seller of the product. In addition, they often appear above the organic result. Also sometimes, you can find then in the right-hand sidebar.


Google SERP Ranking


Google decides on the SERP rankings by looking the keywords that people use. The quality of the keyword keeps you in the high rankings. Moreover, when google sees that people always search for your brand it understands that you are popular and that keeps you higher in rankings.

If your Content or website is Mobile friendly, that also makes your website unique among your competitors.

Make sure that your URL includes the keywords and be aware about the length.

In this article, we tried to explain Google SERP Features and the Way Google Decides SERP Rankings. We hope it has been useful to you. You can also direct your questions and help others to find also the answers to those questions by creating an effective discussion platform. We will inform you more in Earnado. Stay tuned!


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