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How To Make Money Blogging With 10 Simple Steps!

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How To Make Money Blogging With 10 Simple Steps!

Making a blog can be as easy as writing a post to spread the knowledge and experience about the things and topics that one is passionate about and have enough expertise in that field. However, set it as a fulltime job and monetizing your website can be challenging because just being passionate about something doesn’t make money. For you to make money while practicing your hobby as being a blogger or even take it as the main money source, then you need to connect your website to income sources. How to make money blogging? This article is going to talk about how to make money with a blog with 10 simple steps starting from scratch.

10 simple steps that will help you make money blogging:

 STEP 1: Choosing your Blog topic 

To monetize your website and making money with blogging, the website needs to have audiences and to attract audiences, your blog site needs to be set up and well built. To do that you need to start strong and the best way to do that is when you start, your topic and goal need to be set and clear. Choosing a topic is crucial because this is what you should be passionate about since you will be writing about this topic for years to come and you do not want to run out of ideas or making blog posts on topics that you are not interested in because the post will lack quality due to lack of interest in that topic.

STEP 2: Build audiences

Once you are set and clear about your topic you can start to decide about with audience group will you target. Being specific about your audience is essential because if your audience is random and you do not have a targeted group of audiences then the growth of your blog will be slow, due to the reason that not only you won’t get ranked higher by the search engines, but also the traffic that is generated to the blog will not be healthy.

STEP 3: Make your Brand

The domain name should be easy to spell and catchy because it is the name that is going to represent your blog and if the reader couldn’t memorize the name of the blog, then the chances of him/her coming back are very low. Keywords can be very helpful too, so you can search which keywords are the most used in your field and use it. An important note is not to go too much with writing fancy words with a rhyme. Just having an easy to spell and remember name will do the job. There is always the option to write your name of course.



STEP 4: Getting a Host

There are amazing free to use blogging websites that you can choose such as Blogger and However, they are very good if you are taking blogging as a hobby, not a way to generate income. To monetize your blog, you need to go more professionally, the way that has no limitation in terms of tracking the performance of your blog or having ultimate control over your website. is the way to go since it has all the features that a blogger may need to make money blogging.

Using not Because has a lot of limitations that can decrease the speed of your growth because since it is free to use, they will place ads on your website and you cannot add plugins or redesign your blog. On the other hand, using gives you full control over your website, from designing your website to controlling the ads that will be placed in the blogsite.


STEP 5: Set up your website

Now after you have a host and you know what to post and whom to target, you are ready to customize your website and set according to your likings. However, there are some things that you need to take into consideration:

  • The header for the blog or a logo.
  • your social media accounts must be there because people do business with other people, so readers and businessmen may want to check your social media accounts.
  • Sharing button for the readers to share your content. If the reader liked your content then he/she may want to share it with other people, thus increasing traffic to your website.
  • Contact us button needs to be there too along with an about us page as well
  • Easy navigate menu should be set up because hard and confusing menus can encourage the users to leave the website immediately without checking the other posts.

After all, these have been set up then you are ready to publish.

Step 6: write a few pillar posts

Pillar posts are important for every blog site because they are long, detailed, well written and useful. The majority of blog posts are short, but pillar posts are between 1000-2000 words. The reason why they are so effective is that unlike the short posts, the keep generating traffic for months and maybe years, also they are very detailed which means that they cover everything in and around the topic, so the reader understands the topic with its details. It should also have great visuals such as images and videos to enrich the blogpost and rank it higher. Publish at least three pillar posts as your starting phase to ensure the high quality of the website. However, while writing the pillar posts use searchable and profitable. The audiences usually get attracted to the same topics, so by looking and making research about what topics tend to attract audiences and making blogs on these topics, can grow your website fast.


STEP 7: Use SEO tools  

Using SEO tools is very important and I cannot express it enough. They help significantly in ranking your website higher and attracting organic traffic to the website. SEO tools give you a better look and idea of the performance of your blog. By using these tools, you can track your performance and making moves and plans accordingly. The best about this part is that some amazing SEO tools are free to use and have a huge number of beneficial features. Start working on your blog site and set it up properly for money-making. Moreover, there is some online website that provides all the guidance that you may need in digital marketing and SEO. One of these websites is

STEP 8: Serve and Target your audience 

Now you know your audiences. However, not all of them are coming to you because they might be on other platforms. This step is about you chasing them and know where your readers are, they might be on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. In this step, you need to target them and start working on the platforms that your audience is gathering in and attract them to your blog. Focusing on your audiences and serve their wants and needs properly is not only going to attract more audiences but also it is going to rank your website higher, due to the reason that your website will be focused and will not be all over the place.


STEP 9: Start making money

This is the exciting part. Now your website is all set up and you have your audiences, the only step left is to monetize your website and finally reach the answer of how to make money with blogging. Well there are many ways to start making money, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Drop-shipping
  • Brand partnership
  • Freelance writing
  • Your own products or services

However, the most recommended one for a starter is affiliate marketing, since it is easy to deal with and doesn’t require too much experience in the field. By the time you can expand more and start using other methods as well. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money blogging. It happens when you contact a website that is selling books, t-shirt or basically anything and then advertises their products in your blogs through affiliate links and every time someone clicks on the link provided by you and buys the product, you get a commission for it. It could happen by advertising their website as well. Some bloggers make blogs based on the products. For example, someone with an affiliate program with Amazon can create a blog as “Top 10 birthday gifts for your girlfriend” and use Amazon affiliate links to these products mentioned in the blog, so everyone clicks on the link and buy these products, the blogger will get a commission. Other bloggers may have affiliate programs based on buyers, not products, so instead of promoting products, they promote the website. For instance, “Top 10 video editing software in 2020” then providing an affiliate link to the website that the blogger has an affiliate program with.

STEP 10: Keep learning

This step is very important because stop learning means that stopping expanding and growing. The world changes very fast with amazing technologies being introduced every single day and you need to adapt to these changes and catch up to these technologies. You need to change your ways and information based on the changes.

To conclude. It is very well known that to make money with a blog, you need to have a blog. However, there are steps to make money, the steps might be confusing or indirect sometime, but we gathered the easy and simple steps in order for you to start monetizing your website and start making money blogging.



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