How to promote YouTube videos?

How to promote YouTube videos

YouTube, the second largest search engine after google with the ratio of 3 billion searches per month and 500 hours’ worth of videos uploaded on it each minute. Such a large search engine attracts a huge number of people to it and especially with the tremendous amount of uploaded videos per minute, every content creator needs to use YouTube and know how to use YouTube promotion for their videos to appear to a large number of audiences by the YouTube algorithm. However, if the question of how and where to promote your YouTube videos came to your mind, then it is your lucky day because we are going to cover the best-proven ways to promote YouTube videos .


Simple and proven ways to promote YouTube videos:

There are many ways, tips, and tricks on how to promote youtube videos , however we gathered the most important and effective ones in this article.

  1. Starting with the title. The title of the video is essential: the title of the video determines the value of that video. If a user was not pulled by the title and found the topic interesting to check then he / she will simply keep scrolling and that’s why it is very important to use attractive, emotional (if possible), and short titles are essential. Using strong words such as (Insane, ridiculous or heartbreaking… etc.) In the title help tremendously, due to the fact that users’ attention tends to be driven to the topics that lead to big action and occurrences. Another way is to use uppercase letters for the topics to encourage the feeling of energy and action.
  2. The thumbnail. Eye grabbing thumbnails must be used for the users to be amused in order for them to click on the videos. However, the thumbnails have to be original, energetic and attractive. By making creative, attractive and emotional custom thumbnails the chance of people to click the videos increases, since if the thumbnail was boring, although the topic might great and the content has a very high quality. Users may prefer to click on other videos over yours only due to the thumbnail. Some standards regarding making thumbnails.
  • The resolution has to be 1280 x 720.
  • The size of the thumbnail needs to be under 2MB.
  • The best aspect ratio to use is 16: 9.

3.Tags, keywords, and description. To get the use of all the YouTube promotion ways.

  • tags are pretty important since they can be the defying factor between a video becoming invisible to searches or widely shared. The brand must be used in the tag section along with keywords and some variation of them. This can be helpful for YouTube to suggest your videos to a large group of audiences. Using misleading tags will harm your channel since YouTube promotion algorithms will somehow make your videos not showing up in the searches.
  • In terms of keywords, they should be used the title, description panel and need to be mentioned in the video as well in order for YouTube to understand the video and help to promote it.
  • Moreover, in the description panel, keywords have to be mentioned, along with relevant links to your website (if any), social media accounts, links to playlists, or another video. The length of the description is 5000 characters, so it needs to be optimized as much as possible.


4. Social media can play a major role in promoting YouTube videos and increasing the number of views. As we mentioned before, linking your videos to your social media accounts will give access to cross-platform followers and by doing this you can increase the number of followers of your social media accounts. Therefore, if you post your videos on your social media accounts then not only your existing viewers and subscribers will watch the videos, your social media followers will do too which will inevitably increase the traffic on your videos with the help of social media.

The best social media sites that you can promote your videos on are: Instagram, Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest.

5. To promote your videos through your content, you need to use effective intros and outros. It sounds simple, however, a well and smooth transaction between the intro to the content to the outro and the content of them can be very effective and pull the audience to stick to your videos, therefore, leads to more views. The intro is usually less than 30 seconds, can be used for branding or to give a brief idea about the video that can pull the viewers to continue watching the content. In terms of the outro, it can refer to the other videos made by you, or asking the viewers to like, share and subscribe to the channel.

6. Engage with the viewers can increase the number of subscribers and views a lot since the audience will feel more contributed to the channel and feel that the channel somehow belongs to them as well. This step can be achieved in several ways:

  • Giveaways
  • Q&A
  • Ask the viewers what kind of content they want to see next and how to develop the channel
  • Or going live on YouTube.


7. Making playlists of your videos is essential. Different videos can be grouped under a certain topic which then it will be called a playlist, these playlists can appear on searches as well, so in that case, more than one video of yours can be shown in the searches thanks to that playlist. The users might get attracted to the topic and encouraged to watch more videos rather than just watching a single video then moving to another channel. Moreover, playlists can be made for a specific topic to add consistency and make the experience of the user smoother, since instead of looking for the videos one by one, they can run smoothly through the videos. A single video can be added to more than one playlist. For example, if the video’s topic is “a simple, easy and fast way to learn photoshop for beginners”, then this video can be added to more than one playlist, such as “photoshop tutorial”, “tips and tricks” or “photo editing software”.

8. Last but not least. Making videos with influencers and celebrities in your channel can boost the number of viewers significantly due to the reason that the fans and audiences of the influencers and celebrities will follow them to your videos, thus not only your audiences are watching your videos. This step will help the videos are the channel overall growth is a faster pace and encourage more people to stick to your channel and subscribe to it.

Can you pay YouTube to promote videos?

paying to promote YouTube videos is possible through Google Ads. you will have to make a new short video for it or use an existing one that you know that it influences people. However, ads are known to promote products and services outside of YouTube, which means that ads usually tend to make people click on links that will send the users to apps or websites, so it is used to send people out of YouTube, not to move people in. Using Google Ads smartly can be used to promote YouTube videos, but it is only advised if any surplus of the budget is available.

In conclusion, effectively promoting YouTube videos is done in various ways, each of them is equally important and using them ineffectively or not using them at all can slow the progression of the channel tremendously. Paying to promote videos is possible however using social media platforms can be more effective.