Minyatür Tuğla

SEO, Social Media, Ads Management
Minyatür Tuğla
6 months
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Growth Numbers

We reach key metrics in the journey to success in online channels with digital marketing


Customer increase


Brand awareness


Web site traffic


Revenue increase
Create Content
We created unique contents that helps the web pages to rank high in the search engines.
Display Ads
We designed great visuals that direct the user to purchase.
Social Media Contents
We created great looking socail media posts that keep the user engaged with the brand.
Web Site Optimization
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
Keyword Ads
We discovered high value keywords that made our keyword advertising investment well worthwhile.
Social Media Campaigns
We determined the right strategy that turned into sales.

We organized 360° digital marketing activities

We worked with our algorithm in the growth of the company by doing SEO, social media management and advertising management.