1000% increase in organic traffic

Octovan.com had an organic traffic rate of 500 users per month on average when we started working with them in 2018. In 2019, the website started receiving 5000 users per month on average organically. The company still continues its rise in organic traffic.

We helped octovan.com increase their sales in a cost-effective way and rank at the very top of Google’s search results by efficiently managing their marketing channels and optimizing their website. 


We registered a sub-domain called blog.octovan.com for blog posts only, developed a web page that users can navigate through easily, and have a smooth experience. 


The market Octovan operates in, moving, is highly competitive in Turkey. To succeed in a such environment, we improved user experience through innovations like adding a price calculator to the website. Along with these innovations to maximize customer satisfaction, we regularly created and consistently published content.

Google ads

Our goal was to increase the website’s organic traffic that was 1000 users per month on average by 500% through our Google ads services. In line with our goals, we employed Google ads. The number quickly reached to the level of 5000 users per month. Without Google ads campaigns, the website’s traffic declined to 1200 users per month.

Rank at the top and maintain your rank.

Increase your organic traffic substantially and quickly