150% increase in digital sales in 6 months

A start-up that sells oriental musical instruments in Canada, England, France, Germany, and USA.

We helped Sala Muzik increase their sales in a cost-effective way by efficiently managing their marketing channels and optimizing their website.


Creating SEO-friendly content for the right target audience, we increased the website’s organic traffic by 300%. We always prioritized user experience while developing the website and regularly made improvements.


Sala Muzik’s website was rich in content but poor in visibility on Google. We created and completed SEO tasks, which helped the website climb to the top and show up on the first page in search results in 6 months.

Google ads

Before working with us, Sala Muzik had an unpleasant experience in digital marketing. As Earnado, we showed Sala Muzik how powerful digital marketing can be when employed correctly. Our first campaigns with Sala Muzik were in search ads and display ads. We created banners that focused on their products. We activated shopping ads and dynamic re-marketing ads. We were able to lower their cost per click (CPC) and increase their revenue by optimizing and effectively managing ads. As a result, Sala Muzik’s sales more than doubled.

Social media

We analyzed Sala Muzik’s target audience and its behavior on Instagram and YouTube. We studied popular content and accordingly created video content on a regular basis to increase their brand awareness. We also managed Sala Muzik’s Facebook Ads and increased the number of users landing on their website. We included special offers and discounts in our content, which successfully increased the company’s sales. 

300% increase in organic traffic in 6 months.

Lower customer acquisition cost and higher revenue