300% increase in online sales

We enabled Umit Paslanmaz to increase their sales volume in a cost-effective way and rank at the very top of Google’s search results by efficiently managing their marketing channels and optimizing their website. 


We launched a responsive and user-friendly e-commerce website for Umit Paslanmaz. This website is SEO-friendly and compliant with Google’s ads requirements. Therefore, their customers can easily navigate through the website. We successfully initiated and completed the digitalization process of Umit Paslanmaz. 


We efficiently performed SEO and managed to increase the visibility of Umit Paslanmaz in search engine results. We priorly worked on specific keywords that are related to the company’s product line. As a result, the first page appearance rate of the website increased by 60%. 

Google ads

We increased Umit Paslanmaz’s brand awareness by showing them to the users who made a related search. Additionally, we presented incredible offers for those who searched for steel products by using the right keywords. As a result of our effort, we managed to increase Umit Paslanmaz’s revenue by more than 40%.

Social media

We attracted users’ attention and increased brand awareness through sophisticated content designs on Instagram. We also helped the company acquire international customers through Facebook ads. 

60% more visibility on Google.

40% increase in monthly demand.