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How to attract clients on LinkedIn?

Digital Marketing QuestionsCategory: Digital MarketingHow to attract clients on LinkedIn?
ruaa alaabed asked 2 ay ago
1 Answers
Anastasia Kozlovtseva Staff answered 2 ay ago

If you have a business and you are looking for skilled and highly qualified workers. However, you can not attract clients to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t worry, a huge number of businesses faced this issue and the fixed it once they followed these simple steps. 

  • The first step is to have a professional profile because you need to have a profile that is search optimized and client-focused in order to attract clients to LinkedIn because it will be really hard without a professionally set profile. This step is really important to create a positive first impression as well.
  • Built relationship by sending “thank you” and congratulation messages when you receive notifications that someone accepted your connection request or someone has started a new job or got a new position in their work. You don’t want to sound spammy or just want to sell yourself in this step, so there should be no attempts to promote yourself, just the link your website will do the trick.
  • Engage with LinkedIn groups and increase your network. In order to find your prospects, you need to be within them and know where are they, so by joining a relevant group, you can have a lot of excellent opportunities. You need to keep growing your network and not stop growing because with a bigger network comes greater opportunities. 
  • Share posts of your expertise on your profile and comment on them, because this is a great way to build a network and let the people know your ability to create value. Ideally you want to post solutions to your clients’ problems to gain their trust so they can open up to you and talk in-depth about their problems, thus you can give them a solution. 
  • As the final step, you need to build a relationship with them offline. After you showed your ability to create value using your expertise and credibility, your prospects should convert to clients. A great offline relationship can open up a lot of new gates for you.