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How to increase Google Ads Quality Score?

Digital Marketing QuestionsCategory: Digital MarketingHow to increase Google Ads Quality Score?
Jacob T. asked 2 ay ago
1 Answers
Anastasia Kozlovtseva Staff answered 2 ay ago

Google Ads Quality Score is Google’s measurement of your website’s overall performance, including the rating of relevant information, user experience, and therefore, the performance of your ad campaigns. You have direct control over the Quality Score and can take actions to improve it. It affects your PPC and the ad ranking position during the auction. Different factors have an impact on your Quality Score. You can analyze them and work on them to improve your overall position. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

The first main factor is your targeted keywords. It is important to include the really specific and relevant keywords. Do the keyword research in advance, check what are the additional keywords, which can be used in your ad, how do they perform, how are they important to users, and what amount of traffic they can bring. By using the exact match of relevant keywords, you will decrease the PPC you pay and will narrow the ad to the specific audience.

The next step is to group your keywords into one campaign. A lot of keywords you will be using are related to each other. By grouping them all together you will also optimize the ad tags.

Use negative keywords for your ad campaign. Negative keywords are those keywords, which you don’t want to appear when users are searching for a particular thing. This factor will help you to get a higher CTR since it will eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant keywords from your ad. This will also narrow the results and show your ad only to the particular visitors.

Your landing page has to be well constructed, appealing, and optimized. The landing page is important because it is the really first page users will see after clicking on your ad. With a good landing page, your bounce rate will decrease and it will help to create a better user experience on your webpage. Your keywords have to be displayed on the landing page as well. It also has to be mobile-optimized and has high speed with no technical disadvantages and slowdowns.