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What is e-commerce Facebook ads?

Digital Marketing QuestionsCategory: Ads ManagementWhat is e-commerce Facebook ads?
Salah asked 2 ay ago
1 Answers
Anastasia Kozlovtseva Staff answered 2 ay ago

As we know the technology never stops growing and it is growing as fast as ever and it is opening new ways to sell and advertise products online. In the past opening, an online business required a huge budget and capital. However, it is not the case now since everyone can open an online business with a very small budget. On the other hand, a new challenge occurred which is that a huge number of online businesses open up in all industries you can imagine, so how you stand out of the crowd and reach your customers effectively and efficiently? The answer is Facebook ads since it allows the business to enter new markets. The reason why it is so effective is because regardless of your market, you can always find new customers there and it keeps changing, so it is not a one-stop platform. Facebook ad uses your objectives and it shows your ads to the customers who are most likely to fit with your objectives. Sales funnel have four parts which are:

  • Awareness.
  • Consideration.
  • Conversion.
  • Post-conversion experience.

Facebook will display the ads to the customers based on which step they are in the sales funnel to serve your business the best.
Facebook also has a large variety of ad types that you can choose from in order for you to choose what is best suits your product or service or what is the best for your business strategy. The types or fakebook ads are:

  1. Dynamic products ads.
  2. Slideshow between several products.
  3. Lead Form Ads.
  4. Video ads
  5. Photo ads.
  6. Carousel.

With 2.37 billion users monthly (2019), it is a wasted opportunity if you didn’t advertise on Facebook.