Ways for Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing is one of the greatest tools which will work for your business without any doubt. If one single picture can tell you a lot, imagine what effect might one video create. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business start-up or a well-known company, creating video content will be beneficial in any case. Since video content is boosting nowadays, it is important to include it in your digital marketing strategy. It is estimated that videos will create around 82% of all global internet traffic by 2022 (Cisco,2019).

This article will guide you through the process of creating your best Video Marketing Strategy, will examine what benefits it has, what steps to take and what types of Video Marketing are useful today.

What is video marketing?

Nowadays, it is one of the most effective ways to promote your product/service. By using Video Marketing, you will have a great advantage over your competitors simply because you will attract and convert more customers.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

– Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the first step and an important stage in the customer lifecycle and consumer behavior. This means that customers can recognize and recall your brand. First, you have to define your value proposition and what does your company create for the customers. The message you are going to send to the customers has to be clearly positioned and define the right perception.

– Build trust

It is possible to build trust with your existing and potential customers by using a different type of Video Marketing, such as customer testimonials, expert interviews and product reviews. People tend to trust others’ opinions and feedbacks. When you create video content using different people’s reviews, it will help to maintain the emotional connection and eventually create trust with your brand and product.


It is doubtless worthen to invest in Video Marketing because videos are becoming increasingly popular. According to Wyzowl, 89% of marketers say that video content helped them to achieve a better return on investment (ROI). Let’s check other statistics of video marketers’ reviews.


– Increase conversions

A conversion happens when a visitor achieves your desired and settled goal. It might be subscribing to a channel, online purchase, email signup or other factors. Creating an interactive and attractive video will benefit your business, will captivate customers’ attention and will make them stay more on your page. Therefore, customers will be interested in your brand and will search more about it which more likely will lead to a conversion.

– Engagement

In our digital world, people are seeking to find engaging content that will create an emotional connection. On Facebook, your organic engagement will be higher if your posts contain any video content.

– Better Ranking Position

Search engine algorithms give priority and favor the video content. Since you will be distributing your video content all across the web via social media channels, your website and blogs, it is more likely for your target customers to discover your brand. When you search in Google, you will find out that videos are high ranked and therefore are appeared on the really first page of search results.


How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

In order to create your effective and successful Video Marketing Strategy, you have to follow the certain steps. Additionally, all these aspects are interconnected and will lead to one another.


1. Set your goals

You need to understand and set your goals before making any Video Marketing campaign. What does your company represent and what is valuable in it? You might want to raise brand awareness or increase your sales, it all depends on you. Based on your goals, you might choose a different video type which will be corresponding to the main idea.

2. Form your Video Marketing Strategy Mission Statement

Your video marketing strategy mission statement has to be simple and clearly identified. It will help you and your team fully understand the entire concept and message you are creating for your customers. In order to do so it, the following questions have to be answered:

– What type of video content are you planning to make? This will determine what type of Video Marketing will be useful for your business

– Who are you making your video for? Outline as many details as possible related to your buyer personas and targeted audience. Their demographic characteristics, interests and buying behavior.

– What are the key moments your targeted audience will take away from a video? This is related to the main goal you want to achieve and what value your video will generate.

3. Determine your target audience

Knowing your target audience will help you to find the right way to reach them. Creating your buyer persona is usually done when a company is planning to introduce its product/service. You need to analyze a few details before creating your buyer persona:

– Buyer personas: who is your desired customer, and their generalized characteristics.

– In what stage of the marketing funnel they are: what is the purpose of your video.

– What channels of distribution to use: where do your buyer personas spend their time at most.

4. Choose the type of video

You are free to use any type of video marketing, but your video content needs to be matching with your type of business and settled goals. Besides, understand what story you want to create and how can you realize it through the video content.

5. Select the channels


When your video is created according to all your settled goals, it is important to select your video distribution channels. There are a variety of options such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others. Your customer persona might prefer one social media channel over another, therefore, it is important to analyze it carefully. Also, keep in mind that your landing page (after customers click on your video) has to be attractive, speedy and include the precise information.

6. Track your performance

It is crucial to monitor your results and metrics starting from the really beginning, as those numbers will tell you what was working and what wasn’t. By carefully analyzing the results, you can decide on how to change or improve your strategy.

What kind of video should I create and types of video content?

Let’s examine different types of video content which will help you to attract more customers and increase the engagement. Keep in mind that regardless of what type of video content you will use for the Video Marketing Strategy, it has to be unique, short and unforgettable.

Product Demo Videos

This type of video allows you to clarify the visual proof of your product’s benefit. You have to show the specific functions it has, how good it is or how to use it. Demonstrating the physical sampling and how your product performs, provides customers a benefit to examining your product before buying it.

Brand Videos

The purpose of this type of videos is to illustrate and highlight the company’s goal and mission. It is a great way to introduce your company and create brand awareness for potential customers. You can introduce your story, interpret your values, and show the uniqueness of your company.

Video example: Headspace

Event Videos

You can share videos from various occasions your company was participating in. This creates a sense of understanding of your company’s culture. Your company had hosted a conference, had attended exhibitions or had an important corporate event, so why not to share it with your potential customers?

Video example: Clif Bar & Company

Expert Interviews

This particular type of video also allows strengthening the trust between your company and potential customers. Recording interviews with experts and specialists related to your business industry will have a positive outcome for you. In addition, you can make an interview with qualified specialists who work in your company and present it to the audience.

Video example: Casper

Educational Videos

Use this type of video when you want to include the new information and to create a foundational knowledge for your targeted audience. Nowadays, it became popular to use animated videos if you want to provide some educational and practical knowledge.

Video example: Volvo Trucks

Explainer Videos

People want to get a concrete answer to their questions. Therefore, Explainer Videos are really popular nowadays. You have to prepare the most frequently asked questions before and to arrange the most efficient answers. This type of video helps customers to get a quick point in understanding the core of your business.

Video example: Nest

Testimonial Videos

By creating testimonial videos, you will show your customers that your company is professional and trustworthy. Having positive comments from other people regarding your company will create a reliable image. The moment you create a video with people sharing their positive experience with your company, your potential customers will be attracted and interested in someone else’s valuable feedback.

Video example: Tesla


It is undeniable that nowadays Video Marketing is extremely crucial and plays a significant role. It has many benefits and consists of different important steps. We also had examined a variety of video content types and showed you their examples. If your company hasn’t started to use Video Marketing yet, it is the right time to begin!

Let our Earnado team know what kind of Video Marketing campaigns did you like the most!