Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

No one can deny the important role of social media nowadays, one finds it hard to survive without it, accordingly, around three billion people within the universe use it daily, it is genuinely no passing trend. Notably, all quite businesses, companies and organizations, use social media platforms as the ultimate piece of marketing strategy to connect with customers, increase the brand recognition, increase and promote the sales, boost the leads, and more importantly to drive website traffic, by publishing great content, engaging with the followers and analyzing the feedbacks and therefore the results. Major social media platforms are, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…etc.

To monitor, and manage every kind of social media platforms effectively from one main interface, companies usually use social media management tools as a software designed to form it easier responding to customers’ comments and also much easier for teams to work together in managing one or more social streams, thus, analyzing the performance of their services and products.

So what are the most effective social media management tools for your business?

The number of social media management tools is so vast and overwhelming, therefore, making a list of the highest 10 required a basis on many criteria which are: scheduling, publishing and integration, Social engagement and great analytics reporting.

Let’s get started:

 1-  Sprout Social


A powerful leading tool that combines Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. It’s very useful for digital agencies due to its team cooperation values and multi-account abilities and providence of customer relationship management features.

 2-  Hootsuite


An all-in-one and based-web tool that contains all the applications you need, it helps in scheduling and analyzing social media marketing campaigns automatically, and also enables in tracking the activities and engaging with your audience.

 3-  eClincher


The platform lets you monitor various social media accounts from one simple interface as it has all features that a social media management tool requires, it also allows you to uniquely schedule and publish posts as well as to search for social media influencers.

 4-  Sendible


A powerful social media management tool for agencies to run networks for multiple clients from one dashboard, it has many wonderful features such as Canva graphics editor, royalty-free image search and YouTube search, it also offers automation in saving time on repetitive tasks.

 5-  MavSocial


A social media management tool with focus on visuals contents, aside from managing, scheduling and reporting, the tool has a unique digital library where you can use and edit your multimedia before posting, and search engine where to browse for millions of free limited photos

6-  Tailwind


A perfect social media marketing toolkit for both Instagram and Pinterest, a wise tool for bloggers, small businesses and agencies. Apart from helping you manage posts, monitor conversations, and measure outcomes, Tailwind offers recommendations for boosting the performance of your networks.

 7-  IFTTT


If This Then That, is a creative free web-based service and creatively unique tool used to interconnect between various devices and applications with social networks within. It assists in improving productivity effortlessly, the tools also provide recipes with triggers and actions.

 8-  Agorapulse


A simple and affordable management tool designed for teams and agencies with dynamic reports on different social networks in simple customization as well as bonus features suchlike running social promotions and managing your social media inbox and keep the mess out of it.

 9-  MeetEdgar


A very creative management tool that fantastically and cleverly manages itself, Edgar groups all of your content into different sets and categories then it adds a publishing time to each and automatically fill up the slots with the content in your library.

 10-  CoSchedule


CoSchedule is more than just a social media management tool; it’s a powerful marketing calendar to manage the aspects of your project on a dashboard and simultaneously publish the content to save time, the tool also offers a very unique feature that automatically finds optimal posting times and fill the gaps with your best posts.


  1. SproutSocial
  2. HootSuite
  3. eClincher
  4. Sendible
  5. MavSocial
  6. Tailwind
  7. IFTTT
  8. AgoraPulse
  9. MeetEdgar
  10. CoSchedule