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Web analysis

 “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage.” Peter Drucker

Customer Analysis

We analyze your customers including their demographics, location, acquisition channels, interests, and behavior. We, then, take action accordingly.


We take action based on your goals, which may vary from brand awareness and lead generation to loyalty and sales.

Accurate web analysis

Earnado carefully collects and wisely uses data in order to build strategies.

Data Accumaltion

We accumulate data by integrating Google Analytics with ads accounts and SEO systems.


We use the data we accumulate as an input in building strategies.

4 Reasons to choose Earnado for Web Analysis


Earnado implements and benefits from the methods of experts.


Earnado makes sure that your business maintains a competitive edge in the industry by installing and configuring your website accordingly.

Conversion Approach

Earnado aims to maximize conversion in web analysis.


The Earnado algorithm creates action plans based on your data and implements it automatically.

How does Earnado operate?

The Earnado algorithm creates tasks by analyzing your industry and goals. Earnado professionals execute.

For websites that are already up and running with high traffic, you will receive your reports faster. Although we cannot give you an exact time frame, you can access the forecast in the road map that the Earnado algorithm provides.

There is no additional cost associated with our web analysis service.


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