What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the used acronym to determine Search Engine Marketing. For the last years it is also used as a reference to paid search and  strategic process of acquiring advertisements on search engines such as Google. Search Engine Marketing is used to drive highly specific  and easily targeted traffic to a precise website.

What is Search Engine Marketing – Definition and Uses


Online marketing campaigns can be lost in the terabytes of data contained on the internet. A masterful advertisement (ad) with engaging content and images still needs to be found by popular search engines used by customers. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process used to optimize ad content to guarantee that it will be included on the search engine results page (SERP) for specified key words. It is also applicable to have websites included in search engine results as well. Ads that click through to websites must have key words attached.

SEM relies on selected key words that are tied to your ad in such a way that, if those words are entered into a search by any person, your ad will be listed on the SERP. This is a powerful and real time method to have your ad pop up for a person looking for exactly that item or service. No other form of advertising is so focused or immediate. Key words can be phrases not just single words. Google is the search engine that will be used as an example during this article. Keep in mind that for your online business, check the requirements for other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo to maximize your exposure.


For example, if you sell books online, key words that are related to books include:

  • To purchase books online
  • Used books to buy online
  • Latest books to read
  • Personalized books
  • Book club books
  • Baby books
  • Children books online
  • Picture book

The above list was generated using GoogleAdWords Keyword Planner. It helps illustrate the point that you need to think about phrases not just individual words.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

When we talk about the benefits of search engine marketing, there are lots of them. It makes sense when you think about how digital marketing grows. If there weren’t many benefits, most of the businesses wouldn’t pay much attention to all these attributes of digital marketing. We’ll mention some benefits of search engine marketing and you can convince yourself that it’s true through the campaign.

Higher Brand Awareness

It takes some time to get a higher ranking in Google. Even some researches from Google say that it can take up to one year for a quality website. As well, it’s not just about paying to get position on top of search engines. Your strategy must be set well and it also depends on your competition. Therefore, it’s not that easy to get the top position with SEM. But, once you get the position you want, you’ll surely notice, especially through revenue growth. That’s where SEM impacts the most.

brandawareness-SEM brandawareness

Impact On Revenue

Just like we said in the previous paragraph, SEM has a huge impact on revenue. If you establish a good strategy and copy, a number of sales will probably grow on a daily basis. With good Google AdWords managing, ROI will be more than satisfying.

SEM Grows in Harmony with Businesses

With time, how your business grows, your budget also grows. So, it means that you can invest more in your SEM campaign which will gain more traffic on website and sales. As well, remove the ads that don’t provide the results
and bring you money. That’s not what you need in your campaigns. The bright side in Google AdWords is that you can set daily budgets. That way, there probably won’t be any surprises for large unexpected costs.

Biggest Stage For Reaching Your Audience

Maybe you know the fact that any moment of the day, 93% of people are connected on the internet. That’s something that is really fascinating. But not to go too far from the topic, it’s logical that advertising in search engines is more than effective. It drives you more traffic on your website more than any other source. Search engines are used to help people find what they want. Hence, when they search for something in your domain, with top position, most likely they’ll click on your site. This is what you want to achieve with your campaign.


Strengthening The Name Of A Brand

Once you get your name on top of search engines, the mass of people will see the name of your brand and it will be remembered. That’s what you want to achieve, to be recognized by huge amounts of people. Also, when you reach a bigger amount of your customers, you need to take care of them and make them happy with your product or service. That’s one way to establish a good brand voice.

Some experts say that it takes 7-13 touching points of customers with some brand to remember you and recognize on other sites. So, each time they see you on social media, newspaper, etc., they’ll recognize you. Reaching the target audience with search engine marketing, it’s easier to target the audience you thought. As well, investing in ads on Google doesn’t cost you anything until someone clicks on it. When a visitor clicks he increases traffic. Therefore, we can say it’s sort of a cycle. Don’t invest too much money because it’s too risky. But, think about how much you could handle and invest the money smart. It will result with a better attraction of users.

In this article, we tried to explain what Search Engine Marketing is. We hope it has been useful to you. You can also direct your questions and help others to find also the answers to those questions by creating an effective discussion platform. We will inform you more in Earnado. Stay tuned!