Growth Business: Improve your business with digital marketing?

Our Story

Our Story

Earnado was founded to help people grow and develop. The goal of the entire Earnado team is change the world with people.

Earnado can change the life of companies and people

How did you find the idea?
Earnado emerged as a system developed by the founders to increase the number of people they grew up in their old start ups. Afterwards, this system, which is supported by online trainings and a marketing algorithm for the companies and gained the current Earnado structure.
Who are Earnies and what does they win?
The people we call Earnie have the opportunity to learn, practice and earn money through the Earnado platform by choosing the area they want to learn. As they apply on this gamified platform, they gain titles, work to become a project leader and mentor, earn money and develop their careers.
How does the system work?
Within Earnado, companies start their marketing processes by choosing the most suitable road maps for them. In line with these roadmaps, people we call “Earnie, earn money by learning and practicing for themselves along with application-based online training and assıst compines.
How does the company grow its business?
Companies perform digital marketing activities within Earnado. Just fill out the form and "Earnies" apply marketing activities such as seo, advertising management, social media and content management according to roadmap.
Who do I get the service from?
From the moment you make your purchase, a team of 1 Project Leader and 3 Earnies start to perform digital marketing activities for you such as seo, ad management, social media, content production.
How does the system benefit me?
Earnado enables you to capture the opportunities in the sector and get the services of proven people at an affordable cost while carrying out your digital marketing activities with the road map provided to your company.

Game changer of digital marketing

Free Working System
Earnies in your system can work completely free of charge anytime and anywhere.
High Standart
Every digital marketing service is standardized and offered to the customer.
Marketing Guidance
We offer digital marketing plans within our system and realize these and shed light on the company owner to advance in digital.
Affordable Price
Thanks to our system, companies can handle digitalization processes at an affordable price.
Fast Service
Earnado is able to work more quickly and effectively with digital marketing thanks to its Earnie structure and system.
Business Development
Earnado determines how companies should grow, and quickly accomplishes this with Earnies to produce services for the company's growth
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