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The Earnado algorithm creates digital marketing strategies based on data analyses and provides insights for what, when, and how.

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Data driven digital marketing system

We make data-driven decisions and grow your business with our algorithm.

The Earnado algorithm determines your SEO strategy through its own analysis based on Google search results and competitor behavior. Simultaneously, the Earnado team implements these strategies. Thanks to the algorithm, we facilitate highly successful SEO performance for you by making faster and more accurate decisions.

Earnado creates and publishes content to enhance your ranking on search engines like Google. Additionally, it handles both your site's optimization and off-site SEO. You'll receive regular weekly and monthly reports detailing the activities. The system also provides forecasting and growth estimates for you.

We produce, plan, and publish content to expand your reach on social media and enhance your brand awareness. Additionally, the Earnado algorithm utilizes data from channels like Facebook and Instagram to make strategic decisions for ads performance.

We generate content ideas, design creative materials, and execute campaigns to optimize your social media presence. Regular reports about these activities will be provided on a weekly and monthly basis. The system also provides forecasting and growth estimates tailored to your specific needs.

The Earnado algorithm utilizes competitors' ad data, as well as Google Ads and Analytics data, to determine the most effective timing and content for your ads. Earnado not only publishes advertisements on your behalf but also optimizes them and creates new campaigns. With Earnado, you can generate more leads with a reduced budget.

Regular reports detailing these activities will be provided to you on a weekly and monthly basis. The system also provides forecasting and growth estimates tailored to your specific requirements.