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Social Media Management


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Earnado professionals create designs that better represent and promote your brand as well as produce ads that appeal to your audience with the help of our algorithms

With the help of Earnado system, we manage your ads and reach the right target audience in a cost-effective way.

Earnado creates content by analyzing data and we constantly creates new ideas and content in a great variety.

The system gives you suggestions based on weekly and monthly data and calculates all your metrics.

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We increased global sales 150% in 3 months

We increased global sales 150% in 3 months

We achieved a great increase in the turnover of the company with ads management and SEO studies.

Increased gross revenue by 200% in 6 months

Increased sales by driving more traffic to the website. Accelerated sales and growth of the products by explaining their day to day business life on Instagram.

Increased gross revenue by 200% in 6 months

Data and Success Oriented Social Media Management

You should communicate with your target audience on Instagram accounts and promote your product by showing the right content to the right target audience. As Earnado, we analyze your data and help you achieve success with the technology we have developed.

In addition to accurately analyzing your competitors on social media, you should constantly examine the sector and take regular actions. For this, you should determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company well over the competitors. The main point where you will differ from your competitors will be to explain how you do the job and to produce video content for this. You can be different with your sincerity and your communication.

The budget you will allocate for social media will of course varies according to your goals and what you want to do. The correct thing here is to analyze your data after giving your first ads and determine your budget according to the goals you want to go to as a result of the analysis. The Earnado algorithm analyzes your data, gives you a budget recommendation with the targets it receives from you, and automatically optimizes the ads.

When sharing content on Instagram, we must first analyze the target audience correctly. We need to know what our target audience love, what they like, and which posts receive engagement. After analyzing these situations, we should make our content by examining the competitors, and determine the situations that will differ according to our competitors.

You can get much better customer returns with Instagram shopping ads. With the direct buy buttons you will give on Instagram, you can easily create purchase actions and enable people to buy through the image. With this kind of action, you can get more customers at less cost and increase your sales on Instagram.

To do social media management and design professionally, we must integrate simplicity and minimalism into our designs. We should also give clear messages in our designs. If our purpose of sharing on social media is sales, we should add more actionable phrases in our messages, and if it is brand awareness, we should develop discourses that will better explain what you do and how our brand differs.

Your designs in social media should be able to explain very well how your company speaks and what it does, as well as appeal to your target audience. For this, you must constantly communicate with your audience and examine your competitors.

Within Earnado we have the technology for you that manages your ads and controls your growth. In this way, we analyze your ads, make great optimizations, and help you get more customers at less cost.

Sharing a lot on social media does not mean you reach more people. By making small and high-quality shares, you should naturally enlarge your account with advertisements and constantly communicate with your target audience. For this, 3 posts per week seem to be an ideal number, although it changes according to the sector.

To grow accounts on Instagram, it is necessary to regularly share content and make relevant advertisements. Regular advertisements will increase the engagement rate as it shows your account more effectively in the Instagram algorithm. For this, you should organize the advertisements according to the right target audience. At the same time, it will be very good to make live broadcasts, share joint posts and produce joint campaigns with other Instagram accounts in sectors close to your sector.

To better manage Instagram advertisements, it is needed to benefit from data. It is necessary to make regular A / B tests to determine which location, which target audience, and which advertisement image is better . After making these determinations, we should design our advertisements according to the best conversion and the most productive campaign.

To manage corporate social media, it is necessary to know the culture of the institution, where it wants to go, and how it should appeal to its customers. Here, we have to work by taking into account both the corporate colors and the corporate design language, and we must make our entire strategy according to the positioning and marketing language of the company. Social media content, content sharing, concepts, and advertisements should be reorganized according to all this marketing mind.