5 Tips for How to Manage Your LinkedIn Company Page

5 Tips for How to Manage Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, there are currently over 500 million users with a reported growth of 2 new members per second! A whopping 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to check out candidates, so if you are not on it, you are missing out!
A professional networking group whose purpose is to provide its members with a way to search and connect with other people to find people, jobs, and business opportunities. Unlike sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo, LinkedIn is primarily focused on the business community.
If you are yet to create a LinkedIn company page for your business or have been given the task to manage the LinkedIn company page for your employer, here is an introduction to our best practice tips for managing your LinkedIn Company Page.


1. How to Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

You must first create a LinkedIn profile with your real first and last name before you can complete the below steps to create a Company Page.
To create a Company Page:
·Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
·Click Create a Company Page.
·Enter your Company Name and choose a URL.
·Follow the Company Page URL requirements
·Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of that company in the creation of the page.
·Click the Create page button. If you do not have a confirmed email address associated with your LinkedIn account, you will be prompted to add and verify your email address.
·Click Get started on the welcome screen to begin editing your Company Page.


Before seeing the second tips, you should complete your page:

1. Upload your logo.
2. Add a tagline.
3. Describe your company in about three sentences. According to LinkedIn, most companies use this space to describe their “vision, mission, values, and a brief description of their products and/or services.” Of course, if you can sprinkle a couple of keywords into your company description, all the better.
4. Add your website’s URL.
5. Add your phone number.
6. Add your industry.
7. Add your company size.
8. Add your company type.
9. Add the year you were founded.
10. Update your specialties (again, think about your keywords here).
11. Add a cover image for your page.

2. Update Your Employees LinkedIn Profiles

When creating or reviewing your organization’s LinkedIn Company page a really important step is to then ensure all employees have it listed correctly on their LinkedIn Profiles. Take the time to go back into your team’s LinkedIn profiles and ask them to click into their experience sections of their LinkedIn Profile, listing their current employment against the correct LinkedIn company page. Having all employees listed is where the company page becomes really powerful because people can look at that company and see all of your team members. As a result,  this strengthens your organization’s brand on LinkedIn.


3. Managing the Administration of Your Company Page

Administrative rights are automatically granted to the creator of a Company Page. Only company administrators can edit Company Pages, add or remove other admins, and post company updates.

To request administrative rights from your Company Page admin:

1. List your current position with the company on your profile.
2. Go to the Company Page.
3. Click the More icon and select Request admin access from the dropdown.
4. If you are a first-degree connection to any of the admins, you will receive a notification indicating that your request was successfully sent. You will get an email notification once you have been granted admin access.

If you are an agency, social media partner, or a third party working for a Company Page customer, you can reach out directly to the company administrator to determine the LinkedIn Company Page admins.
Please note: LinkedIn cannot provide Company Page admin information to members or replace or remove admins. LinkedIn recommends keeping records of your Company Page admins and sharing this information with your company’s Human Resources department, in case a former admin needs to be removed or a new admin needs to be added. Please be mindful of having multiple admins to ensure you can always access your company page.


4. Share Informative and Engaging Content

If you do not post worthwhile content, people will not follow you. Your goal is to attract people to your page with targeted LinkedIn ad designs, an attractive banner and showcase page, and optimized content.

Once you have done that, you can keep them coming back by regularly posting informative and engaging content. Be sure to include links whenever possible. Recent LinkedIn statistics show that including links in your company updates can earn you up to 45 percent more follower engagement than updates without links.

5. Viewing Company Page Analytics

On any social platform, understanding the various analysis and reporting tools – and what the available metrics mean – is key to optimizing and maximizing your on-platform performance.

LinkedIn is no exception in this regard – within your LinkedIn company page admin tools, you have access to a range of analytical and data features, which you can use to ensure that you are posting the right content, at the right times, and catering to audience demand.


You can also get in-depth data on the performance of each individual update you post, and you can access more in-depth insights into your page audience, including their locations and job functions, among other elements.

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