Everything You Should Know About Call To Action (CTA)

Everything You Should Know About Call To Action (CTA)

The shortest answer to the question of what a CTA is would be a “motivating message”. It also appears as a word expansion in the form of Call to Action.

So, if we skip the word meaning, what really is a Call to Action (CTA)?


What is Call To Action (CTA Definition)

CTA are images, lines, or buttons on websites that encourage your visitors, audience, and potential customers to take action, buy, or communicate. For the simplest example, the links in the form of “Click Here” are a call to action, that is, a motivating message. 

CTA phrases and buttons have form of uses and purposes. You can’t just put a button and write “click me” on it and expect visitors to click it. That’s why we will give you information on what is an effective CTA and how to use it effectively.

3 Steps Writing an Attractive Call To Action

The visual design of Call to Action (CTA) expressions is significant substantial in order to attract the attention of customers and make them act. Its compatibility with the website, the font used, the color of the text and the background, if the CTA expression is conveyed with the help of a button; The shape, size, color of the button used and where it is positioned on the page are also important.

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Before you write your call to action, you need to identify the goal you’re trying to achieve. Increasing your subscriptions, promoting your product or increasing your sales may be one of your goals. After you set your goal, you need to think about how you will take your user/customer into action and put it in writing. 


1- Use powerful action words

Remember, the best call-to-action sentences are usually short and use powerful verbs. It directly addresses the user. But from another point of view, can a call to action be longer than a sentence? Definitely yes. Your call to action should generally be short, but it doesn’t have to be ridiculously short. It must contain the essence of the action.

The brevity and directness of a well-written call-to-action will focus on what’s important and eliminate distractions.

Instead of a weaker call-to-action like click here, an effective call-to-action example would use more specific words that speak directly to the desired outcome.


2- Evoke emotion or enthusiasm

Evoke emotions in your CTAs. No matter what emotion works well with your Happy, Sad, Horror themed message, how engaging a CTA is is more important. If you evoke emotions, people are more likely to interact.


3- Use Your Creativity

Don’t use the same call to action on every page, like a simple “buy now” or “subscribe”, it can cost you credibility. Get creative with the action you want users to take.

In this article, what is CTA and how should it be written? We have included these examples. Thanks to this article, you can now write a good CTA or understand the quality of a good CTA. Check on our other articles. 

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