How to Create a Real Estate SEO Strategy: Tips From Expert

How to Create a Real Estate SEO Strategy: Tips From Expert

These days, most people start their real estate journey online. According to the National Association of Realtors, 93% of home buyers trust online websites when searching for homes. In other words, there are many opportunities for your brand to connect with potential customers online. But they will never contact you if they can’t find you. This is where SEO comes into play. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of helping search engines like Google understand the content and value of your site so you can rank higher in search results and organize your site better (i.e. more likely to convert).


What is SEO in Real Estate? Is SEO Good For Real Estate Agents

While there’s a lot of jargon floating around online, real estate SEO really boils down to: Showing up in the search engines when people are looking for someone to help them buy or sell a property. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment, and imagine you want to buy a new home. You’ve settled on where, and what kind of property — so, what are the first steps?

If you’re like 44% of home buyers, the first thing you do is head straight to Google, open a new tab and start typing. You’ve got a shortlist of options to look at. And, there’s a 60% chance you’ll click on one of the top three results to start evaluating:


3 Steps Real Estate SEO Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective tools for growing your online presence. On-page and off-page SEO must work hand in hand to improve a website’s search engine rankings. Both are extremely important. If you want to increase your visibility, What is Off Page SEO? It is recommended that you focus on improving your SEO strategy with the answers to the question.

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If you run a real estate website, blog or platform, you’ve certainly faced fierce competition when trying to occupy the first page of Google for most real estate searches in your area. But SEO for real estate has some features, and I hope you’ll love this post as we continue to make your real estate SEO more effective.

  • Real Estate On Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO involves optimizing the HTML, internal links, keyword density and posting high quality content and images to improve the ranking of websites in SERP (search engine results pages). So on-page SEO refers to the components you can control on your website, while off-page SEO refers to factors that happen outside of your website, such as links from another site.

  • Real Estate Off Page SEO Optimization

Organic traffic always depends on relevance. If your content is important, Google will already promote it. At this point, off-page SEO is privileged because of its potential to give your website a number of new entry points outside of search engines: Off-page SEO; It creates new paths to your content, allows your brand to start getting natural links, increases your visibility and drives relevant traffic to your site.

  • Real Estate Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO can get pretty complex. There’s a lot of depth in this, but it’s not necessary for you to know everything as a marketer.

You just need to focus on making sure you’re good at the basic fundamentals of website performance.

These include things like hosting, page speeds, and file sizes.

Let’s review some small but powerful – actionable steps you can take to significantly impact your search engine rankings.

The majority will focus on optimizing for Google (because it accounts for 90% of all online search traffic).


SEO or PPC Which is the right Choice for Real Estate Agencies

When users search for keywords on sites like Google, there are two types of results: natural-looking organic results and paid (PPC advertising) results. SEO focuses on getting these organic results, using content development and other methods to earn those unpaid points. In contrast, PPC focuses on these paid results and tries to get the best ad position at the lowest cost.

In this article, we talked about what real estate seo strategy is, real estate on-page and off-page, and technical seo. If you want to continue reading such articles, stay tuned!

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