16 Best and Powerful SEO Reporting Tools (2022)

16 Best and Powerful SEO Reporting Tools (2022)

The SEO report is a report that provides information about the performance of a website. They are frequently used to display improvements and deficiencies in the period. Of course, a wide variety of SEO reports can be prepared according to the user’s needs. Although they all share basically the same characteristics, they differ from each other in practice. They usually generate insights by analyzing keywords, backlinks, social signals, and traffic.

There are three main reports in the SEO report. These; traffic reports, backlink reports, and keyword reports. The traffic reports included in them show how much digital traffic your website has. These results are based on organic searches. Keyword reports, on the other hand, help you view which searches users may encounter with your website. As a third report, backlink reports show the number and quality of backlinks that can provide direct access to your site across the internet.

Recently, SEO reporting tools have been actively used. These tools, which can be used online and offline, can provide all the information requested by the users. By doing online analysis, it can examine the general state of the website, rank improvements and measure efficiency.

There are many SEO reporting tools available, both paid and free. We have listed the SEO reporting tools that have a user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting that users appreciate.

What are Free SEO Reporting Tools?

Here are the 8 best free SEO reporting tools:

  1. SEO Analyzer
  2. SEOptimer
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Bing Webmaster Tools
  5. Yandex Metrica
  6. Screaming Frog
  7. Soovle
  8. Ubersuggest

1.SEO Analyzer

The SEO reporting tool called SEO Analyzer was founded by Neil Patel. With this tool, you can view your website’s SEO performance. It offers you improvements especially on links and keyword analysis and on-site problems. It also allocates these improvements for you as high, medium and low priority.


Another of the most preferred SEO reporting tools is SEOptimer. With this tool, you can examine your site in an understandable and simple way. Its features are similar to other SEO reporting tools, but you can use this tool for free. The classifications in SEOptimer are as follows: Security, social, performance, usability. This SEO reporting tool examines and checks all the important points on your website. It then presents the analysis data it creates to the user.

3.Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a successful site manager agent. This tool allows you to view site errors, crawl errors, security problems, HTML improvements and structured data problems. The Google Search Console can also be used to conduct a search analytics review for the website. On the other hand, this tool lists the most used search terms for you. The Google Search Console service, where you can also get information about click-through rates, is a free service.

4.Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tool is one of the frequently used SEO reporting tools. It is similar to Google Search Console in terms of usage. However, it has the ability to perform a much deeper analysis than Google Search Console. In addition, it provides its users with development advice and improvement examples.

5.Yandex Metrica

Although Yandex is a newer formation compared to Google, it has developed quite rapidly in a short time. Yandex Metrica is a free SEO reporting tool. This tool also provides SEO analysis and reporting to its users.

6.Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has a different feature from other SEO reporting tools. This tool serves without being tied to any search engine. In the free version, up to 500 URLs can be searched. You can use this tool by downloading and installing it on your computer. If it is purchased under license, it has the opportunity to scan unlimitedly, save analyzes and access all configurations.


Soovle is a tool that can perform searches specifically for keywords. This SEO reporting tool will find all similar search terms for you when you type a search term. It generally gets its information from Google, Wikipedia, Amazon.com, Yahoo, YouTube, answers.com and Bing. So you can view the most used word patterns and ratios.


Ubersuggest is a SEO reporting tool where you can search for up to 3 words a day. This tool gives you the opportunity to view the combinations of the word you are searching for and which words are used most often. With Ubersuggest, which has many active user around the world, it also scans news and shopping pages in addition to web searches.

What are Paid SEO Reporting Tools?

Here are the 8 best paid SEO reporting tools:

  1. Woorank
  2. SEMrush
  3. Majestic SEO
  4. Raven Tools
  5. Moz Analytics
  6. GTmetrix
  7. SEO Monitor
  8. Searchmetrics


Woorank has both paid and free versions. However, the service available in the free version is quite limited. Therefore, when a successful SEO reporting tool is needed, the paid version should be used. Woorank analyzes the website in detail and offers the necessary improvements. The tips that Woorank offers to its users make this tool different from others. This SEO reporting tool is mainly used for tips on increasing traffic and feedbacks. In addition, this tool gives users the opportunity to set goals and analyze reports.


The fact that SEMRush can be used in every field has made it a successful SEO reporting tool. This tool is so advanced in the reporting part that it offers its users a quality data that can be analyzed. This SEO reporting tool, which also has a control mechanism, gives information about the ranking of your website in search engines.

3.Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a tool that specializes in link analysis. Using this tool, link comparison, anchor text analysis and link history data can be easily accessed. Although users think that Majestic is not sufficient in analysis and reporting, it can be safely preferred if there is a need for reporting and analysis regarding links.

4.Raven Tools

Every brand needs up-to-date information about the status of the campaigns it offers. Raven Tools allows users to automatically generate SEO reports every month. Thanks to this SEO reporting tool, it is possible to detect and improve SEO problems on the website.

5.Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics is known for its interface and attracts the attention of users. With the visualization in this tool, you can view the data in a simpler and more comprehensive way. Users of the SEO reporting tool reported that Moz Analytics was lacking in capturing new links. So, it also makes sense to use a link analysis tool.


Another paid SEO reporting tool is GTmetrix. This tool scans for issues that have the potential to affect website speed and users’ experience. It then warns users about these problems. GTmetrix does an overall review and generates a performance score for your website and an indexed rating report. This tool, which can provide detailed information about the status of your website, is free for up to 3 URLs, then starts at $14.95 per month.

7.SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is an online SEO reporting tool and Performance Measurement tool launched in 2014. This tool is mostly preferred for technical follow-up and keyword research. When searching for keywords with The Topic Explorer section, estimated organic traffic for the project can also be tracked. This tool has a 14-day trial period. Its price is a minimum of 49 euros.


Although it is paid, one of the most used SEO reporting tools is Searchmetrics. In addition to the technical part, this tool can also perform in-depth analysis in terms of content optimization. Although it has a very comprehensive site infrastructure, it has many advantages such as keyword research, URL-based analysis, comparison with competitor sites, ranking status, on-site extensive analysis and content analysis. You can use this SEO reporting tool, which costs $ 69 per month, in a very wide scope.

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