How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts: Giveaway

How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts: Giveaway

Giveaways are short-term promotions that marketers promise to give away a product or service someone contestants based on a set of criteria. Hosting giveaways has many benefits for those who want to gain followers. In this article, we will briefly present to you the benefits of Instagram giveaways and how you should organize them.

Why is Giveaway Good For Your Social Media Accounts?

To increase the number of followers on your social media accounts, you should share posts that attract people’s attention. Hosting giveaways for your followers is one of those exciting things. People love free stuff. That’s why giveaways attract their attention.

You can get more comments and likes on your posts through the giveaway. You can reach people more efficiently by calling their e-mails and phone numbers. Plus, giveaways are ways to engage with your followers, gain trust, and increase your online engagement.

How to do Instagram Giveaway: Three Basic Steps

Why is Giveaway Good For Your Social Media Accounts?First, you need to decide what you will host the giveaway for, how long the giveaway will last, and your conditions. If you are selling a product on your Instagram page that you produce, you can host a giveaway for that product. Or you can do the giveaway for things like technological devices and gift certificates. You must set the conditions for the people who will participate in the giveaway. You can require them to follow your account, comment, tag their friends, etc.

Secondly, you should prepare your post. You must show the product you will give and state the terms of participation clearly. You can attract more people’s attention with an exciting design.

Finally, you need to determine the winner and announce it. In this way, the winner can reach you, and you will gain the trust of your followers.

When Should You Do A Giveaway For Your Social Media Accounts?

When Should You Do A Giveaway For Your Social Media Accounts?

When you want to grow your social media account, gain followers, and increase your social media interactions, you can do giveaways.

For the posts to reach the most significant number of people, it may be more beneficial to post things during the hours when people use social media platforms most heavily.

You can follow holidays, and you can do giveaways on those days. However, do not limit yourself to holidays. The important thing is that you host giveaways consistently and regularly.

How to Choose The Right Giveaway Gift?

When Should You Do A Giveaway For Your Social Media Accounts?

Giving today’s popular items with a giveaway on social media can successfully attract people’s attention. Old model products that are no longer useful may not bring you enough interaction.

People are very interested in sweepstakes for tech gadgets. They may be expensive, but the number of interactions you will gain will increase proportionally.

Gift certificates also attract attention because people can buy any product they want. The greater the value of the gift card, the greater the interest people will show.

Best 3 Instagram Giveaway Rules You Should Use

Best 3 Instagram Giveaway Rules You Should Use

First of all, since your goal is to gain many followers and interactions, you should determine the rules of participation accordingly. E.g., “Follow this account, like this post and three different posts, and tag three friends in the comments to participate in the giveaway.” You can get more comments if you organize a giveaway where the number of comments posted by one person will increase the chance of that person to win.

Second, don’t forget to specify the requirements and exceptions for your competition. Be as clear and transparent as possible: include the start and end date, the rules for entering, how and when you will announce the winner, and how the prize will be delivered to them. You must not falsely tag content or encourage users to mistag content (example: do not encourage people to tag themselves in photos if they are not in the picture).

Finally, don’t forget to add a sentence in your giveaway post that says, “the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.” You need to use this sentence in every giveaway you host.

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