Google Ads For Beginners

Google Ads For Beginners

Before starting Google Ads, you need to set a detailed strategy and a budget. To manage your budget correctly, you must know the needs of your departments. If you cannot set your budgets correctly and determine the needs of the departments, you will observe an inadequate performance in your marketing investment.

Why should we use Google Ads?

Google Ads is a digital marketing platform where business owners can open and manage accounts on their own at a basic level. Google Ads is used to attract potential customers, which we cannot reach in traditional marketing, to your website. Through digital marketing, we can increase our brand awareness. Moreover, the digital marketing approach comes with much more affordable solutions than the traditional marketing ways we know about such as TV ads, street banners, etc.

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Google Ads Campaign Types

1.     Search Campaigns,

2.     Display Campaigns,

3.     Video Campaigns,

4.     Shopping Campaigns,

5.     Universal App Campaigns.


Search Campaigns

Search ads are the type of ads that perform based on keywords searched on Google’s search engine. It allows the user to see ads related to the words they are searching for. For example, when a client wants to buy a pen, they will go for the search engine and search for terms like “where do I buy a pen from” and that’s where your ad comes to offer them the answer to their question. All you need to do is to make sure that your ads are triggered by the correct keywords and search queries.

Display Campaigns

When advertising on the display network, you have the opportunity to display your ads to users while they browse websites or watch videos online. The display network provides an opportunity to reach almost 90% of the internet users. It will for sure, have a great contribution to your brand awareness goals.

Video Campaigns

It is the type of advertisement that allows us to advertise on Youtube and similar sites. The number of ads given on Youtube is less than other types of ads. However, Youtube has great potential to play a more active role in digital marketing in the future.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping ads are the type of ad that displays the images, prices, and other information about a certain product when searched for on Google. You will need to set up a Merchant center account and link it to the Google Ads platform to run shopping ads for your business.

Universal App Campaigns

Universal app campaign setup is pretty simple. You can easily advertise your application across search, display, and video networks. With Google’s huge network of partner websites and apps, you will be able to easily reach a huge number of users and advertise your app to them


Keywords and Google Ads Budget Relationship


There are some determining factors in setting up a search campaign budget. So, what are these factors?

  • Number of keywords
  • Search volume of keywords
  • Keywords cost per click

Those with a limited budget must use the above factors effectively. It is not always the right thing to use lots of keywords when you are advertising on Google search network. However, be aware! Low-quality keywords may exhaust your budget and damage the chance to receive clicks on your high-quality keywords.

Keywords Planner

The cost per click (CPC) of each keyword comes first among the things you need to take into consideration when determining your search campaign’s budget. In other words, selecting the keywords you want to bid on is not enough, You will also need to check the search volume, competition rate, and CPC as these are all essential factors of determining the campaign’s budget. Thanks to these adjustments, the determined budget is not wasted and it is used effectively.

Ad Location Targeting

Another important factor that you need to consider while setting your budget, which is the geographical location of your ad placements. Keywords have different costs across multiple locations. Therefore, these should be taken into consideration while advertising. The most expensive ad positions are those that come first as a result of Google search. After the ad is placed, you can make adjustments to the location based on your budget.

Negative Keywords

After creating your ads, you can evaluate the performance of your keywords. By adding the negative keywords to your targeting options, you will be able to use your budget more effectively. If you do not determine your negative keywords, you will be inefficiently using your budget by showing your ads for unnecessary search terms.

Ads Schedule


Another important addition to your advertising strategies in Google Ads is the time period in which the ads will be displayed to the users. Each ad has a specific time period for its user. The most important point to be considered here is to determine a time period with less competition and heavy traffic.

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Advice for quality advertising campaigns in Google Ads

  1. Frequently optimize your ad content and do A / B testing,
  2. Show call to action towards your goals,
  3. Use Ad Extensions,
  4. Make a negative keyword list,
  5. Make sure your account structure is suitable for site navigation,
  6. Customize your advertising strategies by location,
  7. Develop multiple ad strategies then analyze them
  8. Make sure your ads are mobile suitable,
  9. List up, according to the quality scores of your ads


In this article, we have tried to explain Google Ads terms that your benefits. In conclusion, it is a good time to take a step further and make your marketing strategy.

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